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Your New Boyfriend Is Here . . . and He’s a Keeper



Ever since Boyfriend–a supersoft, cozy, tactile matelassé coverlet, sham, and throw—came into our lives, we’ve turned into that overly chatty friend who can’t stop talking about her significant other. And we’re only just getting started, because this Boyfriend has turned out to be one of the most versatile pieces in our bedding wardrobe. With his modern styling and huge range of colors—including on-trend garnet and indigo—he’s equally at home in male and female bedrooms, and everywhere from a plush, upscale master bedroom to a minimalist guest room or a casually elegant kids’ room. We especially love that the weave of these coordinates gives them a slinky, drapey quality that wraps us in warmth and comfort—perfect as the temperatures start to dip.




Here are 10 reasons why this Boyfriend is even better than the human version:

1. He’s softer, warmer, and lighter weight, so you can shift positions or roll over all night long, and he’ll stick with you—without the squash factor.

2. He’s portable, and moves from the bed to the sofa to the office chair and the car with ease.

3. He doesn’t complain about our choice of TV shows, and he never asks us to sit through a or baseball game.




4. You can take him to the office and wear him like a shawl to combat the crazy-cold air-conditioning.

5. He comes in so many colors, he’s the perfect mix with both our favorite decor and our favorite outfits.

6. He launders beautifully.

7. He doesn’t complain about where you want to go on road trips. Just roll him up, toss him in your bag, and head out the door.




8. He never leaves the toilet seat up.

9. We pack him in our carry-on during trips to see family during the holidays, and he always gives us something to look forward to after long day of festivities and holly-jolly busy-ness.

10. He makes a great gift that we don’t mind sharing with friends.

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