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Run an online search for the name Andrianna Shamaris, and you’ll turn up a lot of references to the designer as a “furniture hunter” and a “favorite among architects, interior designers, and celebrities.” Not to say that these descriptions aren’t true, but they ignore the more important part: despite her lower profile, Shamaris is a true original, half brain and half artist, who can transform the likes of recycled bamboo, reclaimed teak, petrified wood, and even 150-year-old coconuts into stop-you-in-your-tracks furniture and decorative objects.

Shamaris’s eponymous shop in SoHo stocks a variety of high-end and affordable pieces, from beds and room screens to bowls and sculpture—most one-of-a-kind, all distinctively shaped, and crafted by master artisans in Indonesia—that possess an unlikely character that’s at once primitive and modern. Oh, and did we mention that the shop offers custom design services? Get clicking, already.



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Luisa July 26, 2012 at 7:45 pm

I LOVE reclaimed items. Recently I found an old gray pine shppniig crate that will soon be my coffee table! I also found an old 7up bottle on a riverbank from the 80s bottled near where I grew up. So much fun.


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