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Why We Love Handmade Things

Who doesn’t love the feeling of going to a home store and picking out something big and splashy and brand-new, like a sofa, a dining table, or a duvet? Know what we like even more? Finding the perfect handmade piece at a specialty boutique, an antiques store, or a flea market. Even something made by a friend that speaks uniquely to you and your decorating style makes all the difference in your interior design.


Handmade décor—whether a crocheted throw, a bent-wood bench, a hand-carved cutting board, an embroidered pillow, or a hand-painted accent table—elevates any decorating style. Of course, they’re right at home in eclectic and bohemian styles, but they also lend a much-needed earthy, personal quality to sleek, modern decorating styles. Hand-crafted items are equally impactful in any room of the house, and are often terrific conversation starters, so we like to place them where they’re certain to shine.


Here’s a look at handmade items that bring instant warmth and personality to the rooms they’re in.




1. Where does your eye immediately go when you look at this image? If you said “the pillow,” you’re not alone. The bright colors, applique, and hand-stitching make this elegant country-house room feel fresh and stylish.




2. The hand-made ceramics and hand-painted lamp on the side table echo the colors in the vintage-inspired bedding. We also love how the cool, shiny surfaces of the vessels give a bit of edge to the soft pink sheets and velvet quilt. What’s more, this photo is a great reminder that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get that high/low, handmade/machine made mix. Even small objects can help create the effect, without overwhelming the space.




3. An elaborately carved, antique Indian screen brings this simple, spare seating area to a whole other level. This type of piece is an investment, to be sure, but the effect it creates is stunning.




4. Even if you’re more drawn to modern than traditional art, you’ll no doubt look twice at this painting, thanks to the beautiful shape of the flowers (and the arrangement as a whole), and the subtle gradation from light at the top to dark at the bottom. With artwork like this, you can really play into the many hues to come up with a memorable color palette.




5. Rustic handmade chairs crafted out of reclaimed wood, with basket-weave caning on the wide seats. Simply stunning, indoors or out.




6. These hand-thrown ceramic vases not only complement the pattern and colors of the rug, but look incredible grouped together in vignettes. They also offer tons of texture and have an earthy, tactile feel that warms up the plain white shelves.



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Michelle Galindo June 6, 2017 at 9:02 am

Yes, I agree with you, it is too boring to select handmade products from local stores. We can make handmade products as per our choice. All we need is only clay and designing papers to decorate the product. I personally like to make clay flower vases for my home, Thanks for sharing this..!!

Tina December 10, 2017 at 12:27 pm

For number 3. And 4. I love the carpets in both. Do you know where they’re from? Thanks!


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