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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Tencel Sheets for Fall



With the nights turning significantly chillier, we’re in the mood for warm drinks, cozy sweaters, and snuggly bedding. Tops on our list this season are Tencel sheets, the ideal foundation for a fall-through-spring bed.

Because it’s a man-made fabric, Tencel sometimes gets a bad reputation. But to all those naysayers, we say, consider this:

Tencel is made from the cellulose in wood pulp, one of the world’s most abundant raw materials. It consumes a fraction of the energy and water required to make other types of fibers, and it’s even biodegradable, so it’s about as eco-friendly as they come. The Forest Stewardship Council, an independent global organization that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests, has even certified Tencel as a forest-friendly product.




Beyond its earth-loving qualities, Tencel has several other outstanding characteristics. It’s durable, so it can stand up to repeat washings. Speaking of, while sheets made of this fabric shrink minimally (about 3 percent) on their first washing, they resist shrinking after that, and are wrinkle-resistant to boot. Because the individual fibers of Tencel are highly absorbent, they take on dyes like a dream, for a range of rich, fade-resistant colors that look amazing in any home decorating style. Need convincing? Take a look at some of your favorite clothing brands this fall. Tencel—in dreamy hues from port wine to rich olive—is popping up everywhere in woven pants, tops, vests, and even trenches.




But the truth is in the touch. Tencel is unbelievably soft and drapey, so it wraps around the body for the ultimate cozy slumber. It also moves with you—soundlessly, unlike stiffer sheet fabrics—throughout the night. If you’ve got sensitive skin and often find yourself waking up feeling itchy or irritated, get thee to the décor store for a set of Tencel sheets. While you’re at it, pick up a few extras; it makes a great apartment- or dorm-warming gift.

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