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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Parisian Decorating


We’re crushing on all things romantic-chic and Parisian, as you may have gathered by posts like this one and this one. So today we’re breaking down exactly what makes Parisian decorating so spectacular—and an inspiration we could go back to every day.


  1. It’s elegant without even trying. Soft yet still lively colors make the difference here, as does the choice to keep the room pared down to a few eye-grabbing elements.


  1. The views. We mean, come on.


  1. Parisian style has a throwback charm—on pretty much every corner.


  1. The color palette is beautifully edited. Whether simple neutrals with a hint of pastel or a well-chosen grouping of rich yet soothing jewel tones, the French have a knack for putting together haute hues.



  1. It makes the most of small spaces. Tiny room? No problem. Simply stick to a basic two-color palette, complete with pale, cloud-hued walls, and toss in a few variations on those themes, plus an artwork or accent with energetic pop.


  1. Parisian decorating has a sigh-worthy, lived-in luxury, thanks to centuries-old architecture and decorative treatments (the plaster walls! The gilt trim!), plus a mix of antiques with modern, functional furniture and accessories.




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Andrea Merriman February 9, 2016 at 4:11 pm

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