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Why This Works: The Secrets of Warm Minimalism

Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that—and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We break it down, using this spare and sophisticated living room as a guide:

Know that it’s all about texture.
If you’re going for warm minimalism with your décor, you need plenty of texture to add visual and tactile interest. Materials like woven jute, curly sheepskin, textured linen, and just a hint of shimmering metallic thread in the rug ottoman bring a pared-back room to life. As do rough-hewn beams and other handsome wooden details.

Add a rug for warmth. 
A white-washed space can seem sterile with an uncovered floor. Here the jute area rug delivers texture and a honeyed hue that makes the room feel more inviting. The rug also defines the living area from the rest of the open-plan space.

Keep a tight palette.
A color scheme of blue and white, plus a range of natural hues gives the room a pulled-together look while still feeling casual. Mixing different patterns gives a room interest, but sticking to a clearly defined color scheme will keep things from looking mismatched.

Weave in natural elements.
Earthy textures and colors create a warm, organic look. In this setting the chunky jute rug, hand-hewn side table, wooden urns, and potted olive tree bring nature inside. Hints of the natural world always make a space feel more restful and reviving.

Comfort is king.
At the core of the California-casual look is actual comfort. A deep sofa you can sink into and an upholstered ottoman invite you to relax more than a tight-backed couch and a glass-topped table ever will. So be sure to pick furniture that suits your laidback lifestyle.

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