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Why This Works: Turn Your Patio Into a Poolside Oasis

A range of blues create a calm, cool feeling.

Ever look at a beautiful space and wonder how did they do that—and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? In this outdoor edition, we break it down, using this poolside setting as your inspiration:

Use a rug to define an outdoor “room.”
To create an intimate feeling in an open outdoor area like a patio or pool deck, lay down an indoor/outdoor area rug. The borders of the rug signals that you are in a defined place—and the texture underfoot gives a home-y feeling.

Add stripes for instant vacay vibes.
There’s something about stripes that evoke carefree summer days, calling to mind sea salt air and preppy pool parties. So, use stripes into your outdoor rooms to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Visually stripes also provide a strong graphic element to your design, especially when used underfoot on a rug.

Use blue to create a feeling of calm.
Blue is the color of the sea and the sky—two things that make us all breathe a little deeper. Use a range of blues like you see here—navy, aqua, light blue, and more—to mimic the variety you’d find in nature.

Choose outdoor furniture with indoor details.
With the wide range of styles available today, you don’t need to compromise on style when shopping for outdoor furnishings. Look for outdoor furniture that mimics your interior style; for example, this sun bed made with handwoven  outdoor fibers, will appeal to someone with timeless and classic tastes.

Outdoor pillows are your style secret weapon. 
There’s no faster way to transform the look of your outdoor space than to add new throw pillows. Cushions add color, pattern, and personality. Here the graphic pattern gives the lounge area a bit of a modern edge, but if you swap in a floral, the look would instantly skew more feminine.

Remember, comfort is key. 
Occasional tables give you a place to rest your drink or your sunglasses, which may seem like a small detail, but this little touch of comfort can be the difference between truly relaxing and awkwardly fumbling for your things. A lightweight portable side table can easily move wherever you need it.

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