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Why This Works: How to Create a Cozy and Welcoming Holiday Bedroom

Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that – and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We break down how to decorate a warm and welcoming guest room that feels like a home away from home:

Don’t be intimidated by color.
Feeling iffy about what colors to start with? Pull individual hues from a striped rug you love – because you know they’ll work well together –  to use throughout the room.  

Vary your textures.
The secret to building a better bed is more blankets and pillows than you need. Start with sheets and a base blanket, like this evergreen quilt, pulled up to the top of the bed. Add an additional quilt folded in half, like the jewel-toned juniper green one here, on the bottom half. A simple knit throw with playful pom poms draped across the bottom is a nice finishing touch.

More than just fluff.
It never hurts to use a tried-and-true pillow formula: three square euro sized pillows in the back, two standard shams in the middle, and a decorative lumbar pillow in the front. This combo feels full and inviting – and looks like something straight out of a magazine.

Make it a trio.
Using a color or pattern once or twice can look like an accident: The magic number to move your eye through a room is three. Here, a multicolored motif is repeated in the rug, pom pom garland, and embroidered pillow – mating the scheme hang together even though the individual colors aren’t an exact match.

Add subtle holiday charm.
A foraged evergreen bough in an oversized vase and a felted pom pom garland feels festive without being too holiday specific—meaning you can leave it here long into the new year.

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