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Why This Works: A Pretty and Practical Entryway

Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that – and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We detail how to create a warm and welcoming mudroom.
01 Choose the right rug: Why do designers look to soft and earthy jute rugs for the foyer? They’re naturally beautiful – and can disguise dirt. If you live in an area with super-pigmented soil (red clay, anyone?) or track in tons of mud, our indoor/outdoor polypropylene rugs are also a brilliant choice. You can hose ‘em off and even bleach ‘em.
02 Add a spot to sit: A rug-covered ottoman provides a comfy seat to put on or take off your shoes when you get home, but can also be the perfect spot to place any essentials you need on your way out the door.
03 Use your vertical space: Don’t forget about your walls in a more utilitarian space, they can still use a little love. A wooden peg rail is easy to customize with paint and easily holds hats, coats, and bags. It never hurts to add in vintage wall art for a decorative touch either.
04 Try two complementary paint colors: Don’t feel like you must commit to only one paint color. Choose two hues in the same color family and it can help turn a small space into something that feels playful and dynamic. Here we used Farrow & Ball’s Lichen for the front and Inchyra Blue for the back.
05 Bring in baskets: Baskets are the organizational tool every entryway needs. It makes it easy to stay streamlined by keeping clutter hidden, but making it simple to put things away quickly and easy. They make it easy for kids to help with cleanup, too. If you don’t have shelves, tuck them under a bench or ottoman instead.

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