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Why this Works: A Light & Airy Bedroom

Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that – and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We break down how to create a bedroom that you’ll love waking up in.

Mix & match bedding with ease. Using different beddings for a collected, layered look is much easier than you think. Pulling out the French Blue hue from this striped duvet and reenforcing that color in the bedspread and shams makes a bed look cohesive in an effortless way.

Scale your greenery. The benefits of houseplants are so important to our health, but by varying the scale of your greenery, you  create greater visual impact.

Hang art you want to wake up to. By hanging a piece of art that makes you feel joy directly in the eye line that you wake up to will bring you instant happiness every single morning.

Choose a rug that will never go out of style. The greatest thing about this rug is that it’s neutral, durable, and timeless. So no matter how many times you redecorate your bedroom, it will fit seamlessly into every scheme you create.

Think beyond storage. When it comes to your bedside table,  people tend to only think about storage. This contemporary table not only provides a spot for the necessities, like phones and books, but is removable—perfect for serving breakfast in bed (or cocktails!)

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