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Why this Works: A Legendary Dining Room

Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that—and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We break it down, using this bright and cheerful dining room as our guide:

Go bold with your walls. A dining room is the perfect place to try out a creative paint color. Because it’s a room that is not used all day long, you can choose a color that is more saturated or vibrant than you might for say a bedroom or a kitchen and the bold color will energize guests. In this room, Benjamin Moore’s Peony (2079-30) is a deep pink with a hint of black that prevents the color from feeling overpowering.

Choose large-scale art. We love a gallery wall as much as the next person, but in a dining room, a single large-scale artwork anchors the room and adds a strong focal point. At just over 3×4-feet, our new framed print ‘Wendy’s Flowers’ by Cynthia Wick, a Berkshire based artist and friend of Annie’s, is a beautiful choice.

Use a back-to-basics tablecloth. A simple white tablecloth is like a blank canvas for an array of colorful table accessories. Whether it’s an everyday tablecloth, a lacy heirloom, or even a humble canvas dropcloth laid over the table, a white backdrop will let your dishes, napkins, and table accessories take center stage. White is a practical choice too: If anyone spills, you can bleach away stains!

Mix and match napkins. Colorful napkins turn the table into a setting for a festive meal, and our durable cotton Devon, Brighton, Paxton, and Bright Stripe napkins were designed to be mixed and matched. The same turquoise, fuchsia, lime, orange, and navy stripes repeat in the different patterns, so the eclectic mix still feels playful but polished.

Bring color with candles. In our book, candlelight is a must for any special meal. Taper candles displayed in low candlesticks or a candelabra add the perfect amount of glow and sparkle and flattering height. Choose a rainbow of colorful tapers for a joyful look.

Weave life into your tablescape. In addition to candlelight, we believe every table needs something living as a centerpiece. Whether that is a bouquet of fresh flowers, a pot of herbs,a bowl of beautiful fruits–or all of the above!–the addition of plants makes a table feel full of life.

Tame the chaos with trays. Trays are a welcome addition to any hostess’s entertaining arsenal. Our bentwood Modular Trays (available in seven colors) can be used to carry drinks and snacks to the table, or if your table decorating style leans towards maximalism, use these decorative trays to bring a sense of order to the abundance of your centerpiece.

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