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Why this Works: A Boho Botanical Living Room

Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that—and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We break it down, using this bold, botanical living room as our guide:

Start with a warm-neutral base. If you’re looking to create a nature-inspired room, opt for a warm neutral paint color, instead of stark white. Pure white is rare in nature, so a creamy or sandy hue will feel more organic. This room is painted in Farrow & Ball’s Joa’s White (#226), which is a light, clean taupe with a hint of black pigment and whisper of red in its undertone.

Choose velvet for a sense of luxury. Is there any fabric more delicious to the touch than velvet? Whether it is used on a classic chesterfield or a midcentury-modern daybed, velvet upholstery gives a room instant glamour.  (And don’t worry, our Velvetsuede is a performance fabric that is designed to hold up to the rigors of everyday living!)

Use pillows to add personality. While it might be tempting to opt for quiet pillows on a bold sofa, adding just a bit of pattern and contrasting texture will elevate your design. Our Elwood, Willowleaf and Sierra pillows share the same color family as the Richmond sofa’s upholstery, but add character through their patterns. And if you’re not ready for a velvet couch, may we introduce you to our velvet pillows? A pile of richly-hued velvet throw pillows will add that luxe look to even the most well-loved family sofa.

Give your gallery wall a theme. Even seasoned decor pros will confess that it takes time to get a gallery wall right. One shortcut is to choose a theme for your art. By limiting your selection to one type of print or photograph, you’ll automatically create cohesion, as this grouping of nature-inspired art. Butterflies, birds, and floral and botanical prints feel especially cohesive when hung in similar but not matching frames.

Build in flexibility with picture ledges. We love picture ledges because they let you get that cool and collected salon style hanging without the commitment of keeping everything as it is. Two or three ledges allow you to rotate your art and play with your arrangements. A ledge is also good for cheaper frames because they won’t sag over time.

Pull up a nesting table for guests. Why settle for one table, when you can have two? We love nesting tables for their flexibility, but also for the casual, boho feel they give a room. The Soma Side Tables can nest together to one side of a sofa leaving your floorspace open, but then you can easily position them for drinks and appetizers when guests come over.

Mix textures and materials for depth. The rich velvet of the Richmond sofa is bursting with lovely texture on its own, but it really shines when paired with linen pillows and a chunky, woven jute rug. The room gets additional texture from the beadboard wainscoting and marble-top tables.

Bring in Nature indoors. A few well-placed houseplants bring any room to life, but living greenery is especially effective in a room with nature-inspired decor. Here, small potted plants mingle with vintage fern prints for a double-dose of foliage.

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