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Why Pink Rugs Rule

We can’t help but smile when we see certain colors in a room palette. Pink—a universally flattering and well-liked color (most people enjoy some shade of it)—might just be the quintessential happy hue. While pink often shows up in home decorating palettes, it’s usually featured on smaller items, like pillows, throws, and table linens, and only sometimes on larger textiles such as quilts. This is probably because there’s some degree of fear factor is splashing a room with an attention-grabbing hue. What if it looks tacky? What if I get tired of it? What if it seems too young?


The good news is that it’s easy to do right by this color. Today we’re looking down, and shouting out one of our favorite places to use pink in a room palette: on the floor. Here’s a peek at some showstopping pink area rugs.


If you prefer more subdued, calming colors, look for area rugs in pastel pink shades. These have a softer character that easily lends itself to both vintage and sophisticated modern designs.



pastelcomp1 pastelcomp2 pastelcomp3


Likewise, if you’d like to experiment with just a touch of pink, choose rugs where the shade plays a supporting role. When part of an eye-catching pattern, pink has a youthfulness, energy, and vibrancy that’s hard to beat.



touchcomp1 touchcomp2 touchcomp3


For die-hard pink fans, we’ve got simple advice: go whole hog with a bold, bright hue like fuchsia in a peppy pattern. Let the color do the talking, and keep the rest of your design on the minimalist side, for maximum impact.



pinkcomp1 pinkcomp2 pinkcomp3


What if you like pink, but you can’t quite get past the girly association? Try coral, a shade midway between pink and orange that has all the freshness and vividness of brighter shades like fuchsia, with a relaxed, grown-up appeal.



coralcomp1 coralcomp2 coralcomp3


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