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Why Annie takes a bath every night – and why you’ll want to, too


  Annie has developed two wellness rituals that have brought her great peace and joy in the         past year. The first is her daily yoga practice, and the second is her nightly bath. Here’s why         this simple self-care ritual matters.

She does some of her best thinking in the bath.

“My brain is always running,” explains Annie, and having quiet moments in the bath often helps her connect all the dots. “I can stop and reflect on the things that have been percolating in my mind, and figure out how to get from idea to execution.”

Water & aromatherapy both help us relax.

Annie adds Epsom salts and Kniepp’s Dream Away, a wonderfully calming product made with valerian and hopps, to the water. (She avoids bath oils, she notes, because they can get kind of messy and make the gasket corrode.) “Sometimes I do my New York Times crossword puzzle, sometimes I listen to music, and sometimes I just chill,” she says.

The lighting is always right.

Annie’s bathroom is painted with Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground – “the loveliest, most flattering color,” she explains. “During the day in the bright sunlight, it washes out to a white, but at night it comes alive, making the room glow.” Dimmers also make a huge difference. “When you’re doing your hair and makeup you want bright lights, but I like to dim the lights when I have a bath. A dimmer lets you shift from serviceable to sensual.”

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