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What’s Your Holiday Fantasy?

Can you believe it’s already December 2021?! But also, it’s December—which means the holiday season is here! We asked some of our friends (who really know how to decorate for the season) what their dream holiday scenario would be, and what they’re looking forward to the most this year. So grab a cup of cocoa and a snuggly blanket, and get excited and inspired for the holiday season.

How are you using this space during the holiday season?

I planned a Friendsgiving happy hour in this very spot! Again, don’t expect a turkey – I don’t even eat meat – but a solid charcuterie/ appetizer/ cocktails situation will definitely be happening here. Everyone is invited!

What’s your 2021 holiday fantasy? 

My holiday fantasy would be to have my family join me in this little spot. I miss them, especially my nieces, a ton. Here’s to hoping that this holiday season we can see our families since they truly are the best part of the holidays for all of us.

How will you use this space during the holiday season?

One thing that I have recently realized is that time seems to be quickly slipping away from us. We used to have babies, but now they have grown into big kids and middle and high school students. While our family is truly in the most golden years, I also recognize that we only have a handful of holiday seasons before they start to leave for college.   Perhaps this is another reason why an upbeat take on Fall seems attractive to me.  There is so much to celebrate right now, and I just want to cherish the time we have together as a complete family.

What’s your holiday 2021 fantasy? 

My holiday fantasy would be a small and intentional family gathering with close family or friends… Next year, however, let’s throw a major BASH! 🙂

How will you use this space during the holiday season? 

During the holidays, my kiddos love to have a more formal dining experience. My daughter insists on having the candles lit, and eating together in the dining room makes them feel fancy. My husband and I also let them choose what’s on the menu. 

What’s your holiday 2021 fantasy? 

Seeing family. Last year was quiet and low-key, but I’m hoping this year allows for a larger gathering.        

What’s your holiday 2021 fantasy? 

I think now, of all times, we just need to really maximize the cheer. Last year, it was just us the night before Christmas and we set up their toys and watched Christmas movies, and had a drink. And that’s a really fun thing to do—sit by the fire and get everything ready for the kids. It was magic. As a parent, there’s nothing more exciting than making kids’ little dreams come true and making things magical for them. That’s the only thing I’m excited about for Christmas.
But it’s also all about the basics, really. Just baking, my daughter Margot and I are going to start trying to bake some pies together and do Christmas pancakes molds. So just making everything a little bit more festive day-to-day.


What’s your holiday 2021 fantasy?

My holiday fantasy is to fly my whole extended family to a tropical island somewhere to stay in a house with a pool and a beach in the backyard! The kids are well-behaved and well-slept the entire time. You did say fantasy 🙂

What are you most excited about for the holidays this year? 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, NOTHING makes me happier than my home being filled with the family, friends, and people I love.  During the holidays, we pack them in (we’ve had up to 60 people over for Christmas dinner (insert exploding heart emoji here),  to eat, sing, pray, and enjoy the friendships we are so lucky to have.  My Christmas fantasy is to have all these people gathered around a giant round table (Whoville style) in my home– under the glow of Christmas lights–with Christmas playing in the background, eating and laughing and exploding with joy.  
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