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I was in New York for a meeting today—a beautiful day, the first day that really felt like spring—and when I arrived home around 6:30, delightfully, it was still light out. I couldn’t wait to see what magic this warmish day had worked on the garden. I know, I know—I owe you all a renovation post, but I just had to share what’s up in the garden today. I dumped my bag, put on some mud shoes, and ventured out to explore. It was a bittersweet moment, as I was instantly reminded of how much I loved joining Mum on her daily afternoon stroll through her garden. We would walk and talk as we covered the whole garden, checking in on everything that had happened that day. So, I took my Dasiy-duck to keep me company on my first garden walkabout.

Above is a witch hazel shrub popping up with delicate yellow blooms.

A few steps later we came upon some petite crocus.

Then we saw some daffodils on their way up. Yippee!! I love daffodils, and Mum was a collector of many varietiesn but at this stage of the game they all look pretty much the same.

And, then we found these exquisite miniature iris at the front and in back of the house.

And here are my Mum’s Angelique tulips, which I looked forward to in her garden every year. They get prettier. Trust me.


Snowdrops are always the first, the bravest flower to show its head as the winter wanes.

More daffodils in the front beds.

Daisy tiptoeing through the snowdrops. . . .

And the first hellebore! I love these and I will love them even more when I get around to clearing up all the dead leaves!

I promise a renovation post will be next!


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Mary April 9, 2013 at 9:04 pm

Can’t wait to read more about your renovation. Until then, thanks for sharing the lovely renovation project Mother Nature has under way in your part of the world.


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