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What’s the Difference between a Quilt and a Coverlet?

Quilts and coverlets warmed and adorned the beds of royalty, rock stars, and regular folk for centuries. Here’s how they’re different:




Coverlets are typically woven from scratch, with the pattern fashioned one row at a time.

Quilts are traditionally made up of many pieces of existing fabric, sewn together to form a design.

Coverlets are like thin blankets made of two layers and designed to pretty up the top of the bed.

Quilts are heavier, three-layer affairs: A decorative top, insulating mid-layer and coordinating bottom layer – all stitched neatly together.

And, while some coverlets are quilted on top, that does not make them quilts (nice try, coverlets).

Use a coverlet on its own in warmer months, or as a companion to your quilt or duvet in cooler weather. You can also use your favorite coverlets as throw blankets on your bed or sofas.




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