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We’re Getting Flowery: Creative Spring Flower Displays

With our gardens finally (finally!) sprouting some spring “plumage,” we’re already thinking ahead to how we’ll decorate with all those beautiful blooms. So we decided to indulge in a little playtime with early spring flowers, and came up with these adorable, affordable, and supereasy DIY displays.



These sweetly sea-colored vessels are empty jam and olive jars we had lying around the kitchen. We cleaned them and removed the labels, and, once dry, swirled some bright nail polish around inside to coat the surface. Then we allowed them to dry completely and filled them with water and some bright yellow tulips.



Because we’re in a recycling mood, we also gathered some empty soup, bean, and coffee cans, cleaned them, removed the labels, and allowed them to dry. Then we got stripy with a few rolls of electrical tape. It comes in an array of vibrant colors, adheres perfectly, and from a distance looks like paint! We liked the idea of these as planters, so we tossed in some potting soil and divided miniature daffodil and Gerbera daisy plants from our local supermarket.


This one is a hybrid of the first two flower displays. Instead of painting the insides of the glass jars, we simply cleaned them and removed the labels, then applied colored electrical tape in series of bright, coordinating stripes. Mixing sizes and shapes is the key to this fun look.


Just for kicks, we put together this cheery arrangement, which is perfect for adding a splash of color to the tabletop, especially if your local market is short on fresh flowers. Just pile some tangerines in a low glass bowl, and tuck in some stiff grasses to create a modern, sculptural display.


What’s your favorite way to display spring flowers?

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Virginia Rita June 13, 2013 at 10:31 pm

I love your designs! Fresh and very creative!


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