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We’re Crushing on: The Design of Something’s Gotta Give

Some movies and TV shows make an indelible mark on us for their rich storytelling. Some are memorable for their clever characters and dialogue. Others we fondly remember like yesterday, long after the credits roll, because their look—from their locations to their set and costume design—raise the bar for all that come after it. The 2003 romantic comedy classic Something’s Gotta Give is one of our go-to films for all of the above. While we love it for these reasons and more, today we’re paying homage to the exquisitely detailed, upscale yet lived-in set decoration by Beth Rubino, an interior designer who has also been nominated for an Oscar for her work on The Cider House Rules.


The shingle-style “cottage”  featured in the movie’s exterior shots is actually a jaw-dropping, 8,000-square-foot, 11-bedroom Southampton mansion. For real-world living, we prefer something a bit more intimate (and easier to clean, thankyouverymuch), but we have to admit that this house is Phenomenal with a capital P.



The interiors, while based in part on the layout of this home, were actually built on soundstages. The concept was to give lead character Erica Barry, played by Diane Keaton, a house with an elegant, casual-meets-formal hybrid look—a dream home for a fashionable, well-heeled, successful playwright who rebuilt her life, on her own terms, after divorce.






The abundance of sandy neutrals and soothing sea blues and green are thanks to director Nancy Meyer’s vision to have “the feeling of ocean everywhere.” Meanwhile, dark walnut-finish furniture and lamps help ground the airy bedding and pale upholstery fabrics. Rubino also incorporated lots of beachy flourishes—wicker chairs, nautical-striped rugs and pillows, coastal artwork, and bunches of blue and white hydrangeas, for example—to create a timelessly chic feel that could cozy up a big-city apartment just as easily as it brings cool factor to a seaside retreat.






And those stark white kitchen countertops topped with dark soapstone? Believe it or not, those were MDF painted to look like soapstone—but they kicked off a thousand-lookalikes trend that’s still going strong today.

And don’t even get us started on that drool-worthy collection of books—all 3,000 of them, chosen by Rubino not only for their visual flair, but for the depth and richness of character they bring to the set.




While we may not be able to live in the house—it sold for $41 million (yes, million) in 2014—we can at least recreate the look of those interiors in our own homes. Join us tomorrow for a special edition of Steal This Look, featuring the Something’s Gotta Give living room.

Photos via Hooked on Houses and Between Naps on the Porch.

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Where do I find “Steal This Look”?

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Hi, Janna! You can find Saturday’s Steal This Look post here. 🙂


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