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We’re Crushing On: Sleek Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs have come a long way since the days of that stiff, icky, plasticky feeling underfoot. In fact, they’re now available in a variety of weaves—including our favorites, polypropylene and PET (recycled polyester)—some of which even look and feel like woven wool. And the designs? The range is dizzying, in the best possible way.




For a long time, indoor/outdoor rugs excelled at exuberant designs that added a splash of color and fun to porches and patios. There are still thousands of these styles to choose from, but what if you’re not in the market for bright, peppy patterns, yet still want to take advantage of the durability and washability of indoor/outdoor rug weaves? Sit back with your favorite smoothie, design fans, because we’ve taken a bit of the guesswork out of your search by rounding up some pretty, polished, sleek indoor/outdoor area rugs that will look incredible even in the most upscale and modern spaces.




1. Rope Coral Indoor/Outdoor Rug

2. Lucy Pink Indoor/Outdoor Rug

3. Annabelle Copper Indoor/Outdoor Rug

4. Poppy Cement Indoor/Outdoor Rug

5. Cleo Cement Indoor/Outdoor Rug

6. Hudson Sand Indoor/Outdoor Rug

7. Petite Diamond Platinum Indoor/Outdoor Rug

8. Elizabeth Sand Indoor/Outdoor Rug

9. Rope Light Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug

10. Lakehouse Light Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug

11. Mosi Indigo Indoor/Outdoor Rug


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