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We’re Crushing on: 5 y Medio Boots and Fall Shoes

Finding a Western woman who hasn’t weathered blisters, calluses, and foot or ankle pain in the quest for a pair of cute shoes is like finding a topic on which the seemingly zillions of Republican presidential candidates don’t bicker on during the primary debates. Who among us hasn’t fallen in love with a pair of heels—you know, those laser-cut 6-inch wedge booties that we were sure (absolutely positive!) would be justhething with our favorite shift dress—only to find out that the pinched toes, screaming instep, or big-toe blisters were just not worth it? This fall, Annie discovered 5 y Medio, a Spanish shoe brand that seems to have created what was once thought to be a mythical footwear unicorn: heeled shoes, sandals, and boots that are not only adorable, but also feel good, even for all-day wear.




5 y Medio, which is based in Madrid, is serious about the comfort factor of their shoes—so much so that their hashtag, #healthysexywalk, is emblazoned all over their site and social media. They’re all about shoes that look feminine and that feature reasonable heel heights, antifatigue soles, and top-quality leathers and fabrics, jazzed up with details like colorblocking, applique, and whipstitching.


5yMedio-Elena-Gris-1 5yMedio-Irene-Burdeos-1


For fall, we’re especially enamored with 5 y Medio’s colorblock suede pumps, ankle boot, and retro T-straps, all in seasonal colors like chocolate, olive, burgundy, grey, and russet.  They’ve also got a range of head-turning blue hues you’ll want to pair with every neutral and holiday outfit you own. These shoes are a bit of a splurge, but why not toss those painful, impractical “bargains” and treat your feet instead?


5yMedio-Sandalia-Carlota-Naranja-1 Zapato-Gala-Klein-5yMedio-1

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