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Well Hello, Puff!

We all love a stylish-but-uncomplicated look and we’ve recently created—and fallen in love with— a truly effortless, bedding solution that is as gorgeous as it is easy – The Puff!

Well Hello, Puff! | Annie Selke’s Fresh American Style

Well Hello, Puff! | Annie Selke’s Fresh American Style

Crafted with the ‘one and done’ mindset, the Silken Solid Puff is made from the softest Tencel® sheeting in a comfortable weight that’s perfect for all four seasons, without the need for additional layers. Use it over a fitted sheet for the perfect cozy cocoon and when it’s time to make the bed, just give it a shake and you’re done—the bed is magically made! The slightly oversized dimensions of this terrific topper cover the bed perfectly, giving it a relaxed-but-tailored look.

Well Hello, Puff! | Annie Selke’s Fresh American Style

For those who love linen, we’ve created the fabulous Puff in a linen version. Tumbled and stonewashed for exquisite softness, our Lush Linen Puff offers the same effortless style as its Silken Solid counterpart and ensures an equally dreamy escape.

The Puff comes in a rainbow of soothing pastels and neutrals that pair perfectly with our Silken Sateen and Lush Linen sheets and coordinates, to help create a truly relaxed vibe in the bedroom.

What about you? Are you loving the laid-back ease of our new Puff?

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