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Wedding Crashers—Day 1 in Delhi

So you may have noticed that I have taken a siesta from the house renovation. First I spent the holidays riding the Arizona range with my daughter, Charlotte, and then came home to celebrate a “significant” birthday. Then I promptly fell prey to the nasty-ass cold that swept (and continues to sweep) the country! This malady caused me to miss my annual trip to the Sundance Film Festival. 🙁

But I rallied, and attended the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, where Dash was a proud sponsor and I moderated (avec Kleenex) a wonderful panel featuring Camille Styles of Camille Styles, Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag, and Mitra Morgan of Joss & Main. I was really  impressed by these truly entrepreneurial women and what they have accomplished and the great opportunities that lie ahead of them.

From Salt Lake, I flew direct to New York for a slamming, fabulously busy Gift Show, featuring our myriad new intros (check out our post on it here).

I was home for four days, where I managed to introduce my woofers to our new Woufs! Here are a couple of candids.

Then I boarded a flight to New Delhi for my annual product development trip. Follow along as I document the trip here and on Twitter. . . .

2:35 a.m.—Landed New Dehli airport. Getting fancier and fancier with each trip. Customs lines a breeze, and hotel car waiting right outside.

4:43 a.m.—Get to my marble-clad room at the Imperial Hotel.  Too tired to take pictures except for Flat Dash on the big bed.  Note: Flat Dash is accompanying me on this trip, so expect to see him around town. We call it Dash Does Delhi!

4:45–10:59 a.m.—Sleep soundly with the help of a melatonin. A godsend for international travel!

11:00 a.m.—Alarm goes off and I head to the pool for a little exercise after long, long flight. Am a bit out of it, and realize only when I get to the pool that I am wearing two different flip-flops, one Taryn Rose and one FitFlop. Hmmm. Oh, well. The swim was lovely.

12:45 p.m.—Picked up by Vishal, the director of our Indian office. We go to the office to give hugs and check in with our much-loved and  appreciated colleagues. And to meet with a cool digital-printing vendor….

4:15 p.m.—Leave for fabulous shawl vendor, but get involved in serious Delhi traffic and start to feel tuckered.

7:25 p.m.—Leave fabulous shawl vendor and head to hotel.

8:15 p.m.—Dinner at hotel with view of impeding wonderful Indian wedding. Based on what we see, we make the decision to crash this swanky wedding.

10:00 p.m.—Guests start arriving at the swish event. I have never seen so many metal-domed serving dishes or so many flowers used so creatively  in one place ever!

Note: all white strips are made from jasmine flowers! Love the grid layout interspersed with candles.  Also, check out the rose petal and carnation carpet!

The yards and yards of tented peach chiffon with the jasmine petal chandelier is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

We stalk the bride and her attendants on the way to the lavish reception for 700 guests! I don’t think they will notice us….

This is the ceremonial gazebo with red velvet chairs for the bride and groom. This is all made of flowers!

This is an example of the desserts.  There was plenty more where that came from! So much food! As we were crashing, we did not partake, not even when we were offered drinks. We demurely declined.

This outfit caught our attention. She rocked it! Love the Salwar and love those (but would never wear those) shoes! We told her she was the best dressed, and she told us where she got outfit and it was even on sale. Stay tuned, as I think we will need to make a trip to Ensemble.

I am going to sleep to the sound of bridal revelry but, as a crasher, I can’t complain.

Good night!


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