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Watercolor Your World with Printed Bedding

No matter the year or the trends circulating around the home-decorating world, we can always predict one thing: blue will be among the top color choices for the bedroom—especially when said bedroom is shared by a guy and a gal. How is it that a single color can be so universally liked and evoke so many different characters and emotions? And after all the blue bedding that has come and gone, how can a new style, like Audrey, showcased here, instantly send us scurrying into makeover mode?


The answer is pretty simple. From the deepest ink to the gentlest sky, blue is restful, soothing, and has a story tell. It’s not often used as the dominant color in large-scale florals, which is why we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this new duvet cover and shams. Inspired by a Parisian watercolor painting that Annie stumbled across on a trip last year, this print has major wow factor, thanks the oversize blooms in shades that vary from French blue and cornflower to a subtle aqua, with a bit of yellow and white for contrast.


In 100 percent, washable cotton, Audrey is made for pairing. Here we’ve gone with three approaches:


For the first, and simplest, bed, we combined the floral duvet and shams with white sheets (the flat sheet with a trio of finely embroidered stripes) and a white bed skirt. We tossed a tailored matelassé coverlet in deep marine blue on top, plus a pair of matching Euro shams. Easy and man-friendly, right?




For the second bed, we softened up the look a bit by using the Audrey print Euro shams as the focal point, and adding a sheet set with petite ruffles. We topped this with a pair of textured, lightweight quilts in French blue and sky, plus a fringed, enzyme-washed linen throw and decorative pillow. For a bit of retro flair and even more pattern, we included two striped, French country-style shams in a top-quality white linen. We love that you can peel back the layers for optimal sleeping comfort, and even change up the feel of the bed by switching which quilt goes on top.




For this final look, we went all-out feminine. Over basic white sheets, we draped a gathered linen bedspread —no need for a bed skirt here—and folded the blue floral duvet on top. Then we piled on the pillows: matching Audrey Euro shams, a white linen sham, and a pair of standard, sky-hued shams, also in linen; the dramatic 3-inch ruffle on the linen shams adds a whole lot of texture and visual pop by creating gentle shapes that help keep the eye moving. This is exactly the kind of bed we’d expect to find in a stately old inn somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line.




Which of these bedding looks would be at the top of your wish list?

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