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Watch Me, Now

British artist Dominic Wilcox  is one of those insanely talented people who make the rest of us look like schoolyard slackers. We can’t decide whether to be more jealous of his charmingly crude illustrations, his WTF installations, or his too-cool sculpture. (Did we mention that he once was his own walking art installation, wearing an on/off switch attached to his scalp for an entire month?)

But what really caught our eye is Wilcox’s Moments in Time series, in which he created teensy moving sculptures by affixing customized figurines to vintage mechanical watches. The result? Everyday and extraordinary moments—from a handshake to the looting at the 2010 U.K. riots, from a common daydream to the infamous pepper-spray incident from the 2011 University of California–Davis protest—captured in minute, arresting detail.

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