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Using Graphic Rugs in Small Spaces

As we like to tell our apartment and petite-chateau-dwelling friends, a small space isn’t a decorating death sentence. In fact, a small room provides an opportunity to make a big impact with just a few well-chosen items. On our must list: graphic rugs. We love their visual punch and their ability to make a small space appear larger, and the way they add instant drama to clean-lined or solid furniture and accessories.

While decorating a larger room often means budget-busting area rugs, small spaces don’t require the expansive coverage, so you’ve got the green for a better-quality rug or one made with a finer weave. And since area rugs are easily switched out, they’re the perfect way for renters to change up the look of their favorite rooms without making permanent (read: deposit-squandering) alterations.

We got the lowdown from Annie on her favorite graphic rugs for small spaces: 


Warm Rugs


Marco Red                                                     Blanco Moss                                               Joya Soumak


Cool Rugs


Rhapsody                                                      Lucy Pink                                                 Kaledo Bright


Blue Rugs


Samode Denim/Ivory                                  Nordic Star Indigo                                    Verona


Neutral Rugs


Cleo Cement                                                 Zigzag Natural                                           Circle Fret






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