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Unbe-weave-able: Indoor/Outdoor Wonder Rugs

Area rugs that look and feel like expensive woven wool but are as easy to clean as Annie’s signature scrub-and-rinse Dash & Albert polypropylene rugs? We kid you not. Say hello the latest innovation in indoor/outdoor rugs, woven PET and polyester.


Most of the rugs in the new Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert collection are made of PET, a non-chemically-treated, recycled polyester that’s as earth-friendly as it is gorgeous. Even Bunny—who’s seen just about everything in her storied design career—was amazed these rugs weren’t wool when she first laid her hands on the samples. Like woven wools, they have a similar tight weave and low profile, without the stiffness that characterizes so many synthetic rugs. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas indoors and out, and especially good in kids’ rooms, family rooms, and anywhere pets like to hang out.





Polyester, our other new manmade favorite, has the same structured yet soft quality as PET, and we especially love the saturated colors and fun fringed detail. It’s also pet-, kid-, and eco-friendly, and UV treated for fade resistance. The best part? Both PET and polyester rugs are super low-maintenance. Vacuum once or twice a week to keep them dirt-free, and if they’ve gotten the muddy paw print or spilled wine treatment, no problem. Just take the rugs outside (or in the bathtub/shower), scrub them with an eco-friendly soap and a soft brush, rinse clean with fresh water, and hang to dry.

Take a peek at the collection now, and stay tuned over the coming months for even more eco-fabulous designs.





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