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Tropical Surprise

When the gray days of winter get us down, we spend a little time (okay, many hours) poking around the Internet for new decorating inspiration. And when we come across fresh, fun spaces, like this chirpy living room from Barcelona-based designers Egue y Seta, we just have to share.

We first came across this space courtesy of Desire to Inspire, and the blast of tropical blue and warm orange were just what the doctor ordered for us snow-covered Northeasterners. Limiting that powerful marine shade to just one accent wall is genius, as is covering just a bit of the fabulously block-printed tile with a nubby, natural-colored rug to ground the space. There are lots of other easy, practical neutrals here, from the white walls and doors to the ivory armoire and sofa, the sandy-hued linen decorative pillows, and the bold white lamp. But our eyes are most drawn to the energizing blue and hot tangerine, especially on those mod-cool side chairs and silk pillows.

We give major props to Egue y Seta for the whimsical accents, which command lots of attention but don’t overpower the room. Whether the empty (but colorful) picture frames on the wall, the charming little birdcage suspended from the ceiling, the turquoise avian figurines on the armoire, the sweet googly-eyed owl on coffee table, or the cameo silhouettes on the wall, we’ll take them all. (We don’t love the exposed electrical cords, but, hey, you can’t win ’em all.)

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