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Tried & True White Paints

Designers share the tried and true blue paint colors they rely on to create love-forever rooms.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore is my all time favorite white that I have ever used. I painted every wall of my apartment with this bright white, and it felt like a totally different space. It bounces the light around the room so well and doesn’t have any cream or grey undertones which I love.”
Brady Tolbert, Brady Tolbert

My bedroom at home is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s definitely one of my go-to white paint colours that’s crisp and clean!
–Autumn Hachey, Autumn Hachey

“Benjamin Moore Simply White. I love that it picks up the tones of the room – it’s warm, but not overly creamy. It’s the perfect soft white!
– Jennifer Hunter, Jennifer Hunter Design

I love Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams. It is a white that has a hint of pink in it, which takes away the sterile feeling other whites can leave you feeling.
– Nicola Bathie, Nicola Bathie Designs

“It’s not a daring, bold move, but white paint always works, and if you paint a room white, it’s going to instantly feel bigger and brighter, in my opinion. The floor in my home in Los Angeles has kind of a gray tone, so for the walls, I chose Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore, which has kind of a cool undertone.”
 – Erin Fetherston, Erin Fetherston

“Because I’m constantly moving vases, and pillows, and chairs – oh, my! – around my home, white walls make my life easier. I love Snowbound by Sherwin Williams because it doesn’t have that tinge of yellow. Instead of adding color with paint, I use color and pattern in pillows, upholstery, wallpaper, and, of course, rugs.”
– Kyla Herbes, House of Hipsters

“This color is actually a very pale grey called Foggy Day by Dunn Edwards. It works well with almost any color, and it’s perfect for bathrooms since it lends itself to multiple color tones.”
– Jordan Farmer, House Becomes Home Interiors

“White is my favorite neutral. Ever since art school, I have been interested in how color pairs with white. White is clean and graphic—it gives a point of comparison and really helps you see a color’s true essence. I’ll use different whites in different settings: Maybe a true white-white in a more graphic room or if someone wants an English farmhouse feel I’ll go more creamy.” Some of my favorite whites are: Sherwin-Williams’s ‘Alabaster’ and from Benjamin Moore ‘Steam,’‘Pale Oak,’ and the classic ‘Decorator’s White.” – Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings Studio

“We wanted the space to feel monochromatic with the rug, chair, and accessories placed. Pure White by Sherwin Williams has no undertone and allows for the elements to carry the room.” 
–Kimberley Kay, Kimberley Kay Interiors

 “I used Pointing by Farrow & Ball in my living room, and often in my projects. I love that it is a warmer white with a slightly red undertone.”
Mark D Sikes, Mark D. Sikes

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