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Tried & True Paint Colors Holiday Edition

Sometimes, paint colors take a back seat when it comes to design. For example: Holiday Decorations! Get inspired with these stunning holiday decor images, and the paint colors that make them pop.
“We used Curator Paints ‘Strandhill’ on our front door and fell in love with it. It’s the most beautiful shade of light blue. We plan to use it for our kitchen island as well.”
Julia Dzafic, Lemon Stripes

“The color we used is PPG Timeless White right off the shelf. We chose this paint color for it’s true white sense – no undertones, warm or cool. It is truly the most true white that can go with any decor without feeling sterile. This is our basement so having a very bright white that wouldn’t cast any pigment was the right choice for us. It keeps our basement feeling fresh and bright as well as modern and chic.”
— Lea Johnson, Creekwoodhill Interiors
“Our home has Sherwin Williams Pure White on the walls, but for my clients I love using Benjamin Moore Simply White because it’s a warm, bright, crisp white with subtle undertones. I find it to be multi-purpose and classic, but with that said, always recommend testing out paints in big samples on your own walls. Paint, especially white paint, looks so different in each room and every home depending on your light exposure.”
— Shira Caplan, Shira Bess Interiors
“I wanted to use colors that would help the space to feel really clean and bright. Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue is just the best color. Understated and classic, yet still really fun. When we first moved in, I was so intimidated by the two walls of floor to ceiling shelving in this room but painting them Wythe Blue had an immediate grounding effect on the entire space.”
Gray Benko
“I used Behr Falling Snow because I wanted a simple and clean but warm white for this space. We love how the natural light reflects off this shade and creates a serene atmosphere!”
— Hannah Briggs, Thistle Harvest
“The paint is Benjamin Moore Simply White. We chose it because it has a warmer undertone which fits with the all neutral but warm and minimal style of design I was going for.”
Shelby Girard, VP of Creative & Design at Havenly
“I used Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace in satin on the walls and semi-gloss on the ceiling and trim. It’s actually my favorite white paint because it’s a versatile, crisp white with minimal undertones and a soft appearance. Read: it’s bright but not stark. I sample it every time I’m considering white and it often comes out the winner. This color feels at home in both modern and traditional spaces. If you’re looking for a bright white this is a pretty safe bet. It works especially well in living rooms.”
— Kate Sullivan of Pretty Domesticated
 “The paint is The Plaza by Devoe Paint, which is no longer around.  It is a very light bluish-grey. I chose this color for our entire main living area because it is clean and cool and provides a beautiful backdrop to all the color that rotates through my home throughout the year! I needed a color that would go well with blue, green, orange and pink…and this one does!”
Ann Lacouture
Rug Shown: Zags Woven Wool Rug
“This color is Steam by Benjamin Moore. I love this white—it’s a great in between when you need something that’s creamier but still want the crispness of a true bright white.”
— Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings Studio
“I chose Sherwin Williams Extra White for our living room because I wanted to lighten the space as much as possible. The color is a true bright white, which works well with the warm glow we get in the afternoon and evening. This keeps the color from feeling stark and creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the space.”
— Michelle Riley, Blushing Boho
“The paint color is Benjamin Moore OC-55 Paper White. I used this paint color throughout my entire house. When I pick any paint color for my design projects it’s important that the walls have just a touch of color. Not saturated and not white. Just a touch. This allows the other layers of the room to work with each other while keeping the space calming and classic. It allows the eye to rest and enjoy the space instead of reacting to every single element.”
— Leah Bailey, LGB Interiors & Founder of The Design House
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