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Tried & True Paint Colors: go-to light & bright shades

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of bright paint can do to a space.

“My bathroom is painted with Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground, the loveliest, most flattering color. During the day in the bright sunlight, it washes out to a white, but at night it comes alive, making the room glow.” 
– Annie Selke, The Annie Selke Companies

“The cabinetry here is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and the island cabinetry is Benjamin Moore’s Fog Mist. I love light and bright kitchens, but that doesn’t always translate to all white. To add a bit of interest, I love to softly inject neutral tones to give kitchens a classic feel while adding subtle dimension.”
JK Interior Living, @jkinteriorliving

“This is a wonderful bunk room nestled in the eaves of a beach cottage on the North Carolina coast. Our clients wanted a bright, playful space for their children to gather and create summertime memories with friends and family.”
– Vicky Serany, Southern Studio Interior Design

“White is clean and graphic—it gives a point of comparison and really helps you see a color’s true essence. I’ll use different whites in different settings: Maybe a true white-white in a more graphic room or if someone wants an English farmhouse feel I’ll go more creamy.”
—Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings Studio

Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean Blue Water is different. It’s bright. It’s cheery. There’s nothing neutral about it, but somehow it kind of goes with a lot of things and works with a lot of different schemes. Make a splash and be different.”
Killy Scheer, Scheer & Co. Interior Design

“We love this paint! We’ve used it on every wall in our house and the ceilings. It was a huge transformation for our space and it’s perfect because it’s not tinted at all and you can grab it right off of the shelf. It’s not warm, and it’s not cold, it’s perfect!”
Stay by Cori Samuel, @staybycorisamuel

“There’s something just happy about pink. It makes me feel good.”
—Chassity Evans, @looklingerlove

“I wanted people to look at our front door, and think, ‘Man, those must be really fun people that live there.’ Yellow says that this house is gonna be fun—those people are gonna be happy.”
—Ann Lacouture, @annlacouture6

“Paint colors can play a role in creating a bright, fresh space. When the ceiling and walls are the same color (or very similar colors), your eye moves seamlessly through the space and it feels larger because you don’t notice where the walls end and the ceiling begins.”
—Mollie Openshaw, Design Loves Detail

“I love using Benjamin Moore Simply White because it’s a warm, bright, crisp white with subtle undertones. I find it to be multi-purpose and classic, but with that said, make sure to test out paints in big samples on your own walls!”
— Shira Caplan, Shira Bess Interiors

Looking for even more color inspiration? Check out the paint colors we used in our latest catalog!

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