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Tried & True Paint Colors: Go-To Greens

Breathe new life into every room with this fresh, earthy, and peaceful paint color.
“The paint color is Messenger Bag by Sherwin Williams. It was meant to be a backdrop to the banquet of windows that is directly opposite of this built-in. I wanted it to subtly reflect the green from the trees. Since the house is a case study home it’s about the connection with nature, so I felt that it was important to carry on with that theme.”
—Design by @casa_yamagoya

“I want people to feel like they’re almost outside. So I chose a deep green paint (SW 9530 Momentum) on the window trim that echoes the pine trees. I also loved how earthy and textural the Auricula Woven Jute rug is – it has that down-to-earth vibe that I love.”
Lauren Liess, Lauren Liess

Photo courtesy Southern Living, a division of TI Inc. Lifestyle Group, photograph by Robbie Caponetto. Southern Living is a registered trademark of TI Inc. Lifestyle Group and is used with permission.

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“I opted to paint our entire open concept living room and dining room a soft green, Cromarty by Farrow & Ball, because while the typical choice is to paint a big, multi-zoned space like this white, I love the idea of a soft, warm green that adds more interest and dimension, without completely overtaking the palette of our main floor. Cromarty is very much a chameleon color, where throughout the day and in various parts of the room it can look anywhere from a soft sage-y green to a warm light grey, which makes for a room with a lot of personality.”
Erin Kestenbaum Interiors and Photography, @erinkestenbaum  

The cabinet colour at this project is Benjamin Moore Creekside Green

When selecting the colour for this kitchen, we knew it was going to be a dominant feature so we had four sample panels done up. We ended up with this green because it was the most versatile, and at the same time read very neutral.

We didn’t want it to lean grey/green, nor did we want it to scream that it was green. With the grass and gold accents, and warm wooden tones from the original flooring, we were able to select the perfect green to complement these warmer tones. This welcomed the use of neutral accents like our white pottery, grey and white counter, and grey Dash & Albert rug.
I love the way these colours make the space feel, without feeling the need to over dominate.
Megan Crosbie, Megan Crosbie Design @megancrosbiedesign

“I choose Dark Hunter Green by Sherwin Williams. The hunter green complements the blues and brown tones in the rug nicely while providing a cozy but bright space.”
—Laura Buonopane of Fallon Designs, @fallondesigns

Benjamin Moore Oak Grove is the perfect backdrop for a neutral and textured palette.  This is a saturated yet soothing green that adds richness to a space without overwhelming it.”
Choux Designs, @chouxdesigns

“It’s hard to tell from photos, but this color – Sherwin-Williams 9521 Simple Stone – has a little bit of green in it. We used the color throughout the Southern Living Show House to blend into the house’s natural setting.”
Lauren Liess, Lauren Liess

Photo courtesy Southern Living, a division of TI Inc. Lifestyle Group, photograph by Robbie Caponetto. Southern Living is a registered trademark of TI Inc. Lifestyle Group and is used with permission.

“I wanted this room to have a bohemian, in-nature feeling to it, so I used Behr Hillside Grove. With the tones of the wood that I chose, I thought that this balanced it and gave it a feeling of being outdoors. This is our beach house, and I gave each bedroom its own vibe based on different beach communities that I love. This is the Malibu room. Others are Capri, Nantucket, Palm Beach, and Cape Cod.”
—Danielle McClure of Neatly Nested Design and Décor, @capehouselife

“The kitchen cabinets are painted a custom finish with the lovely, Dunne Edwards Opaline Green. This color has a modern retro vibe, paying respects to the Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Kitchen aesthetic.”
–Michelle Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau Design

“The perfect soft color, Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball, is wonderful with blues and greens and picks up either color depending on the light. The hue is fresh without being stark and creates a soothing space.”

“I chose this shade of green – Benjamin Moore Herb Garden – because it felt like a great juxtaposition against the preppy plaid Dash & Albert rug. We wanted something fun but not too loud, and this shade felt just right.”
–Tasha Schultz, Tchotchkes Design Studio

“This client is a young family who was very open to designing a fun, energetic kitchen. Benjamin Moore’s Lafayette Green is my go-to green paint color. It’s bold and rich, and can feel as formal or casual as its surroundings. When we paired this green with crisp White Dove cabinets, it tones it all down a bit. Bringing in natural wood, exposed brick, and some glimmers of antique mirror backsplash brings the design together for a really interesting, but classic mix.”
–Laura Tribbett, Outline Interiors

“A blue-green, Headspace is soft, tranquil, airy, and fresh—a calming color. We called it ‘Headspace’ because it has that effect of clearing your mind with its fresh open feel. This color is universally appealing: it can work in any room from a baby nursery to a dining room, but it’s especially nice in a bedroom or bathroom that you want to feel serene.”
–Nicole Gibbons, Clare Paints

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“I saw Tory Burch has this incredible New York apartment with deep green upholstered walls that I absolutely loved. I found a very similar match with Farrow & Ball. The color, Calke Green, was the starting place for having this slightly gardeny vibe to a very urban Manhattan apartment. We can see a lot of greenery through our windows, and I wanted to bring that leafiness into the room.” 
–Stacie Flinner, Stacie Flinner

“I choose Dunn Edwards – Garden Dawn to wrap the walls with a soft, fresh, inviting green that brought the colors of the surrounding outdoors in. Hence the name ‘Cactus Casita.’
Michelle Boudreau, Michelle Boudreau Design

“Surprise! This isn’t a paint at all, we covered the walls in a bright green Phillip Jeffries grass cloth wallpaper. This room started as a new build, all beige with high ceilings and not a ton of interesting details, so we thought that the texture of the grasscloth and the bold color would give it some personality—and it did!”
Diane Johnson Design, @dianejohnsondesign

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