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Tried & True Paint Colors: Designers share their go-to neutral shades

Picking the right neutral can be tricky. That’s why we asked designers to share the neutral paint colors they return to again and again.

Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White is one of my go-to paint colors that always lands in a perfect sweet spot between white and ivory, just as the name implies.”
Anne Wagoner, Anne Wagoner Interiors @annewagonerinteriors

I love Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams. It is a white that has a hint of pink in it, which takes away the sterile feeling other whites can leave you feeling.
– Nicola Bathie, Nicola Bathie Designs

The paint color is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.  When we started the design for this room, it was a really warm space, and we wanted to freshen it up. We wanted the walls to complement the cooler linen tones for the new draperies, the linen striping on the sofa, and the fresh whites in the rug and pillow fabric.
– Lathem Gordon, Gordon Dunning Interior Design

“Beigeing is a really versatile hue with just a hint of subtle red undertones. It’s a beige with a modern feel. People love neutrals because they are versatile and timeless.” – Nicole Gibbons, Clare Paints

“My go-to color is Modern Gray by Sherwin-Williams. It’s warm when you need it to be warm, and cool when you need it to be cool. I love it because it provides the perfect neutral backdrop to all of our bold and colorful designs, and because it has longevity. Even if you decide to change everything about a room, this paint color effortlessly keeps its clean look over time.”
Shauna Glenn, Shauna Glenn Design

“Love Balboa Mist from Benjamin Moore because it’s a warm neutral and great backdrop color.”
Stephanie Kraus, Stephanie Kraus Designs

My bedroom at home is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s definitely one of my go-to white paint colours that’s crisp and clean!
– Autumn Hachey, Autumn Hachey

Our white paint is Sherwin Williams Pure White. We picked it because we consistently liked the way the sample looked in every room at different times of the day.  It’s fairly neutral and has no undertones, which makes it the perfect crisp white we were looking for.
– Amy Kim, Homey Oh My

“White is my favorite neutral. Ever since art school, I have been interested in how color pairs with white. White is clean and graphic—it gives a point of comparison and really helps you see a color’s true essence. I’ll use different whites in different settings: Maybe a true white-white in a more graphic room or if someone wants an English farmhouse feel I’ll go more creamy.” Some of my favorite whites are: Sherwin-Williams’s ‘Alabaster’ and from Benjamin Moore ‘Steam,’‘Pale Oak,’ and the classic ‘Decorator’s White.”
– Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings Studio

The paint color is Benjamin Moore Paper White – we love that it reads as crisp and contemporary white in this bedroom, but has a hint of soft grey to coordinate with the furniture and accessories.
– Lydia Uzzell, Lydia Uzzell Interior Design

“I used Pointing by Farrow & Ball in my living room, and often in my projects. I love that it is a warmer white with a slightly red undertone.”
Mark D Sikes, Mark D. Sikes

“No Filter is the perfect neutral: It pairs well with any other color. It has the feeling of sand near the beach with a very subtle warm undertone to it. It’s more muted than Beigeing.”
Nicole Gibbons, Clare Paints

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