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Tried & True: Guest Room Paint Colors

When it comes to guest rooms, Kit Kemp—the Founder and Creative Director of the Firmdale Hotels and her namesake design studio—knows a thing or two. Each of her 10 hotels is individually designed and decorated by Kit, and that uniqueness keeps guests returning time and again.

In honor of our exciting collaboration with Kit, we turned to her and asked for advice on finding an ideal paint color for guest rooms. “There’s no better place to put our fearlessness to the test than in the humble guest bedroom,” says Kit. Below, find guest room paint colors that will give any guest a warm welcome!

Sherwin Williams

In The Whitby Suite at The Whitby Hotel in New York, we have paired these hot pink walls with bold yellow curtains. Pink is often a colour people stay away from, with a stereotype of it being too feminine. But in reality, pink is one of the most calming colors and it has even been suggested that it should be used to paint prisons! We use pink as a bold and versatile colour…who says pink is just for girls!

- Kit Kemp, Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels and Kit Kemp Design Studio

Sherwin Williams
Halcyon Green

I used Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams in my guest room, which is totally a chameleon color. It changes throughout the day with the light, and absorbs and reflects the colors around it. In this space, the color works really well though—and I actually landed on this paint because I wanted to color match my beautiful grasscloth wallpaper for a monochromatic paneled look. This is a gorgeous paint color- not too saturated, definitely not boring, and it has a nice elegant depth to it.

Benjamin Moore
Chantilly Lace

This room is Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore—we love using Chantilly for a true, crisp white, which lends itself well to more modern spaces like this one! Chantilly Lace is also great in spaces that don't have a ton of natural light as there aren't any yellow undertones to be emphasized by artificial lighting.

Portola Paints
Bistrot Lime Wash

This is a family beach house — their own personal guest house so to speak — and the color and texture felt like sand. Walking into this room feels like a warm day at the beach. It also blended beautifully with the rug.

Though we only use fabrics on the walls in our hotel rooms, I quite like how this one has so much texture—it truly looks like grasscloth! To me, the best interiors are those which infuse different textures. By using a darker blue, you’ll get a more mature and elegant look which is lovely for a guest room.

- Kit Kemp, Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels and Kit Kemp Design Studio

Sherwin Williams
Malted Milk

This paint color is Sherwin Williams Malted Milk, and it’s a warm taupey pink. I wanted a color but not something that was too saturated, and felt inspired by a palette of primary colors. This subtle pink acts as the red tone. It feels like an updated spin on classic colors and I love how it turned out!

Benjamin Moore

In my Palm Desert home, I only use three colors. I was going for a much cleaner, serene, peaceful space, and Benjamin Moore’s Opal is the perfect hue for that! It's super pale as a chip and it's subtle on the wall, but if you look into the room, it's a pale blush pink that is just gorgeous.

- Annie Selke, Founder & Chief Vision Officer of The Annie Selke Companies

Devoe Paint
Palm Springs Tan

Although our hotels are best known for our use of colour, it is the layering of natural, neutral materials which allow us to create a harmonious space—just like we did in this calming guest room of this Bloomsbury dusty clay tone.

- Kit Kemp, Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels and Kit Kemp Design Studio
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