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Tried & True Fearless Paint Colors

Someone once said, “live boldly”—and that’s exactly what these fearless shades will do for your space. 

“We decided to go CRAZY with it with a color blocked pattern based on a trip to Mexico City. The room was pretty standard: beige and carpeted so we knew we needed to add some PIZZAZZ. We wanted each color to stand out but also be cohesive so we decided to go with one of our favorite palettes of the moment: forest green, marsala, coral pink, and mustard yellow.”
— Brittany Watson Jepsen, The House that Lars Built

“I’ve always dreamed of painting my doors a pop color, and what is more cabin-appropriate than green? I didn’t want a traditional pine green…I wanted something more modern and way more unique. And lastly, we needed colors that would complement alllll of the wood and timber in our space.”
— Joanna Hawley-McBride, jojotastic.com

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Old World.’ “There’s something just happy about pink. It makes me feel good.”
Chassity Evans, Look, Linger, Love @looklingerlove

“I feel like you can tell a lot about people by the color of their front door. I wanted people to look at our front door, and think, ‘Man, those must be really fun people that live there.’ Yellow says that this house is gonna be fun—those people are gonna be happy.”
– Ann Lacouture @annlacouture6

“The paint color is Raindrop by Sherwin Williams. I did a survey on Instagram between this aqua and a yellow, and this won overwhelmingly! Colors can play an integral role in defining the mood of a space. In this bedroom, even though the bedding is bold and bright, the aqua wall is calming and peaceful and an ideal place to retreat at the end of the day. The thing about paint is that it is an inexpensive way to transform a room and if you don’t like it after a year, you can change it. And if the idea of painting an entire room feels daunting, then go with a feature wall like I did for this room!”
—Shauna Glenn, Shauna Glenn Designs.

“We wanted to go a little bolder in the living room. I had a hard time deciding between two shades of pink so we ultimately compromised and went with Rosé Season from Clare Paint for the living room part and a contrasting lighter shade for the hallway. It’s warm, it’s inviting and changes with the lighting throughout the day.”
—Megan Zietz, TFdiaries.com

The color is Benjamin Moore Kelly Green in semi-gloss. Our client loves color and was fearless in letting us go for it. We kept the envelope of the house very clean, simple and neutral – white walls, natural woven window treatments, fairly traditional stain on the wood floors. But then dialed up the accents in millwork, textiles and, of course, the runner from our frequent go-to, Annie Selke. Every once in a while we will get clients who are a little apprehensive about making the commitment to a bold color—just remember it’s not a lifetime commitment. We say, live a little … :)”
—Liz MacPhail, Liz MacPhail Interiors 

“I have ripped out images from catalogs and design magazines *for years* featuring Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle. It’s the perfect hot pink. I’ve seen it work everywhere from gilded foyers as a backdrop for a small Matisse to this tropical fantasy highlighting Cynthia Wick’s work.”
– Katy Lukens, Editorial Director

“This color is Rectory Red from Farrow and Ball. I chose it because the space needed a color punchy and bright enough to make a big enough statement on its own, and there is no other color better than red for that! My client also likes red so it was a no brainer. A good color scheme can do wonders to a space, whether it is coming from a wall, painting, art or pillows, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you combine all those colors.”
—Julieta Alvarez, Julieta Alvarez Interiors

“I love the idea of using a bright and happy color in a children’s nursery, and this Benjamin Moore Hibiscus really makes a statement. Not only is this lemon-lime color upbeat, it’s known that warmer colors like yellows are very stimulating for a child’s brain. A monochrome room with contrasting patterns (like this rug) can send stronger signals to the brain, meaning faster brain growth and visual development. Plus, this color scheme puts a smile on anyone’s face!”
— Hannah Lavine, Marketing Writer

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Susan Steinick July 23, 2021 at 4:19 pm

This shows the living room is Behring Princess Coral. Nehru says they don’t have such a color! Help!!

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Inspiring rooms. Thank you!

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I loved every photo!! I’m a huge fan of color!! I have to tame myself or my house could look like a circus!!


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