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Tried & True Earthy Paint Colors

Bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home with these tried-and-true earthy paint colors.
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“I wanted our room to be deep, moody and warm and inviting at the same time. Deep Dive, a green blue (teal-ish) hue was the perfect color for the job. It stops you in your tracks and is an instant mood lifter. I love how it changes colors throughout the day and looks incredible under both natural and artificial light. We know that NEVER happens. Bonus, it pairs so well so with so many different colors!”
— Megan Zietz, TFdiaries.com.

Benjamin Moore Oak Grove is the perfect backdrop for a neutral and textured palette.  This is a saturated yet soothing green that adds richness to a space without overwhelming it.”
Choux Designs, @chouxdesigns
“I love colors that are just very rich and that play off of each other, and if I did have to choose a favorite color, it’s terracotta. So I just wanted to consistently use those colors throughout the house!”
— Claire Brody
“I chose to use Pure White by Sherwin Williams because it is a versatile white with hardly any undertones. It truly walks a fine line between warm and cool, and as a result it will compliment most any furnishings. I like to think of Pure White as the Crème de la Crème of white paint! By using the same color of white on the walls, baseboards, and crown molding, the 8ft ceilings appear taller and more spacious. This is a visual trick that works wonders in small spaces!”
Hanna McDougall, Lace & Grace Interiors
“I wanted this room to have a bohemian, in-nature feeling to it, so I used Behr Hillside Grove. With the tones of the wood that I chose, I thought that this balanced it and gave it a feeling of being outdoors. This is our beach house, and I gave each bedroom its own vibe based on different beach communities that I love. This is the Malibu room. Others are Capri, Nantucket, Palm Beach, and Cape Cod.”
Danielle McClure of Neatly Nested Design and Décor, @capehouselife
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In the design for this kitchen in the Bay Area, Cecily Mendell wanted the walls to quietly reflect the fog that typically rolls in from the San Francisco Bay outside, so she chose ‘Coventry Gray’ by Benjamin Moore for the cabinets and Benjamin Moore’s ‘Classic Gray’ for the walls.
Cecily Mendell, Cecy J Interiors
“This home is flanked by a beautiful river and a vast marsh land, surrounded by nature on all sides. The home is flush with windows including two skylights in the kitchen. We knew we wanted to keep the majority of the home’s interior walls white to maximize those airy light filled moments. This also allowed every nature-filled window moment to pop, bringing the outside in. In designing the kitchen, it was important nothing blocked your eye line to enjoy all window views as well as the open dining, living room and family room—separate spaces yet open and connected. The kitchen being the epicenter of this home we wanted it to have a strong presence and ground the space without demanding attention. The color needed to connect to nature and complement the views throughout all the seasons of the year. We explored several earthy blue colors and examined how the color changed at all hours of the day and from every angle. We finally arrived at Gravel Gray 10% sheen by Benjamin Moore.” 
—Indigo Interiors Co., @indigointeriorsco
“Our client loves the calm of green (Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage) with a combination of soft white (Sherwin Williams Creamy). The creamy white highlights the lower cabinets and allows for splashes of red tones (another favorite color) and natural wood throughout. Forgoing upper cabinets allows the room to be filled with light, even on rainy days. The kitchen is where the day begins and ends—what better way to do it then with the serenity of the perfect color combinations.”
Woodstock Kitchen and Baths, @woodstockkitchensandbaths
“It’s not a daring, bold move, but white paint always works, and if you paint a room white, it’s going to instantly feel bigger and brighter, in my opinion. The floor in my home in Los Angeles has kind of a gray tone, so for the walls, I chose Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore, which has kind of a cool undertone.”
– Erin Fetherston, Erin Fetherston
“We wanted a pink that felt muted neutral and sophisticated, so we went with this more toned down hue: Odessa Pink by Benjamin Moore. We love that it brings some colour into the space in a way that’s not overpowering – letting the custom rattan headboard shine!”
Autumn Hachey, Autumn Hachey
“The paint color is Messenger Bag by Sherwin Williams. It was meant to be a backdrop to the banquet of windows that is directly opposite of this built-in. I wanted it to subtly reflect the green from the trees. Since the house is a case study home it’s about the connection with nature, so I felt that it was important to carry on with that theme.”
“The color we used is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. We originally chose that color because living in Minnesota, our winters are long and we wanted to keep our home as bright as we could year round. Also, I honestly fell in love with the name since we often have snow here 7-8 months out of the year. Snowbound is a wonderful neutral white with a subtle warm tone underneath without appearing yellow. To me, it feels fresh and bright but cozy and welcoming.”
— Lea Johnson, Creekwoodhill
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