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Grey Your Way: Always Sophisticated, Always in Style

Discover how this unique, shapeshifting neutral has the power to elevate any room. 

1 . Try classic grey in the kitchen.

A harmonious counterpoint to stainless steel appliances, shades of grey on cabinetry and on the floor create a cool and calm backdrop for the busiest room in the house.

Tip: Greys – from deep charcoal to pale taupe – also pair brilliantly with organic elements: woven baskets, plants, stone, and wood.


2 . Go for glamour in the bedroom.

Pair grey with white and neutrals to create a serene and elegant cocoon.
Or go all the way with grey, pairing rich grey bedding with a saturated walls for maximum drama.


3 . Explore grey’s timeless chic.

Aspiring-architect-turned-couturier Christian Dior caused a sensation when he chose pale grey walls paired with white moldings for his Paris atelier. Monet turned to the hue for wintry landscapes, and Renoir played with the color to capture ballerinas backstage. In the language of color, they used grey to convey elegance, pure and simple.

Your turn! Share your favorite grey paint colors and other triumphs in grey here or on instagram #annieselke.

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