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The Perfect Day Makeup with Jane Iredale

Annie’s not exactly high-maintenance when it comes to makeup. “I don’t have the patience, personally, to take a lot of time with it,” she says, gesturing to her cosmetic case of a few tried-and-true pencils and powders. “So a lot of the time, I just stick with the products I know.” Enter the fabulistas at Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, who know a thing (or several dozen things) about looking your best every day.

According to Christine Orcutt Savolis, Jane Iredale Product Training Coordinator, “There are no rules in makeup. There are guidelines, but rules were meant to be broken.” So armed with an arsenal of brushes and gorgeous, good-for-your-skin products, Christine got down to the task of creating a five-minute makeup routine that Annie—and the rest of us—can duplicate daily (preferably not while driving to work—you know who you are, Fresh American staffers!). We love the soft, fresh, youthful look she came up with.

To see how to amp it up for photos, stay tuned next week.



1. Start with a smooth base. Annie has fair skin and prefers sheer coverage. After doing a quick color-match, Christine applied a tinted moisturizer, which minimizes the look of pores and fine lines, with a brush.


2. Apply foundation. Christine stippled loose powder onto the skin with a large brush. Then she blended it all over the face and neck, brushing downward and outward (never up!).


3.  Set the minerals. Here Annie gets a few spritzes of a hydration spray  to plump the skin cells and help the minerals adhere to the skin.



4. Add concealer. With both concealing and light-reflecting properties, Active Light was the perfect choice to cover shadows under the eyes. Christine applied with a camouflage brush, but you can also use the built in brush and your ring finger to gently tap it into the skin. If you have other problem spots—blemishes, scars, of discolorations—Christine says this is the time to cover them. Since Jane Iredale foundations double as concealers, you can use those instead, applying a little extra onto targeted areas, at this step. Christine dabbed more loose-powder foundation on a few spots with a smaller brush.



5. Swipe on some blush. Using a fan brush, Christine whisked a pink blush over the apples of Annie’s cheeks (smiling, like Annie’s doing here, is how you find the apples.) Voilà—instant skin wake-up.



6. Fill in or groom the brows. If you have light brows, like Annie’s, give them a boost with a brow powder, which looks much softer and more modern than penciled brows. Christine first applied a clear wax to give the powder a surface to adhere to, then feathered on the powder. If your brows are already dark, you can just use the wax or a clear mascara to brush them into shape.



7. Add color to the eyes. For Annie’s blue-green eyes, Christine opted for a mauve-toned powder, which helps Annie’s eye color pop, but is still matte enough to be appropriate for day. She brushed the single color onto the lid and into the crease, then added a touch of a pale, shimmery tone in the inner corner and over the brow bone as a highlight.


8. Amp up the lashes. After applying a lash conditioner  to help thicken Annie’s lashes, Christine wiggled a brush with a rich brown mascara starting at the base of the lashes and working outward to the tips.


9. Finish with lips. To keep the look light and youthful, Christine chose a bright pink gloss. We love how fresh and easy this look is.



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Kay O'Doherty November 22, 2013 at 3:09 pm

HEEEELP!!! I am a 57 year old woman who has been sick on and off for the last 3 years. Now, I have some small scabs on my face!! I haven’t gone anywhere, nor have I worn ANY makeup for all this time!! Additionally, when my daughter left for college a few years ago, she took all my make-up!! SO, I am in a desperate place right now.

Warmly, Kay PS Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Crystal DuPont November 23, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Crystal DuPont
Looking forward to trying this great makeup!


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