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When we saw this Manhattan apartment in the March issue of Architectural Digest, we can’t say we were surprised by how thoughtfully designed it is. It’s owned by Diane von Furstenberg, for crying out loud, the queen of the chic silhouette and sophisticated print. What we were surprised by is just how crazily eclectic it is, with everything from plastic-woven Franz West chairs to pop art paintings, a Salvador Dalí sofa in the shape of plush lips, Asian and African sculpture, a ginormous globe, and animal prints galore all working together to form a mismatch made in heaven.

The black-and-white, spiky leopard carpet (created by the designer herself) is what caught our eye first. It’s the perfect canvas for von Furstenberg’s variety of strong-shaped furniture, including the geometric wood tables in the living room, yucca-esque sprouting floor lamps, and massive dining table surrounded by clean-lined steel chairs wrapped with a seat-belt-like array of bright plastics. Textiles are a major focus of the design, from the smooth sofa piled with fur pillows in the living room to the velvet Dalí couch, the zebra-hide breakfast chairs, and the fit-for-royalty bed draped with embroidered linen and covered with exotic quilts and pillows.

We’re especially jazzed by von Furstenberg’s penchant for collections and can’t decide what we like best—her highbrow paintings and photographs, global folk art, potted orchids, or floor-to-ceiling personal photo collage. It’s an approach that values both the exotic and the personal, and is unmistakably boho-unique.

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