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The Luxury Bedding Look: How to Make a Designer Bed

Prioritize comfort! Life is just so busy that it’s important to take a little self-care, especially when it comes to your bedding! Get that ahhhh feeling, every night, in a bed that feels as heavenly as it looks.


Choose Your Designer Bedding Style
Start with high-quality sheets and coverings that feel as elegant as they look. All of the luxury bedding from Annie Selke is designed with both style and function in mind, ready for you to add your own dreamy touch to them.

• Add pops of bright color to a subtle palette like grey to make it modern.
• Bring blues and sand together for a beachy-keen vibe.
• Go boho bold—mix florals and paisleys and see how well they play together.
• Layer all white bedding to capture the breakfast-in-bed feel of a high-end hotel.

Browse our luxury bedding inspiration for ideas on combining different patterns, textures and complementing colors to achieve a look you’ll love getting into bed with.
Take It From The Top
Once you know the style you want, decide if the foundation for your look will be a duvet cover, quilt or coverlet. Seasons also play a role—you may want to swap out the warmer duvet covers and quilts for lighter-weight coverlets in summer.
We’ve Got You Covered, Any Way Your Designer Dream Takes You
• Duvets and duvet covers. A duvet is a bed covering insert that is traditionally made from down feathers. The removable duvet cover wraps it up in style—and one you can change with seasons or simply because.
• Comforters. Filled with high-loft fibers, comforters are both insert and cover in one, and made for curling up with.
• Quilts. A layer of batting tucked between two pieces of intricately stitched fabric gives quilts their warm and cozy feeling.
• Coverlets. Like quilts, coverlets have two pieces of fabric joined together, but minus the middle layer of batting. If lightweight is what you love, float a coverlet over your bed.
• Bedspreads. These classic structured bed coverings add drama with their drape, which goes all the way to the floor (also good for hiding under-the-bed treasures).
The Best Ways For Your Bed To Wear Your Cover
You can cover the entire surface of the bed with your quilt or coverlet, or fold the top of the covering back to create a decorative collar below your pillows. It’s best not to fold back bedspreads, as they’re designed to do a full cover-up. You can use a duvet as your only covering, or layer one on top of a quilt or coverlet for added warmth. To layer your duvet, spread it over the first blanket, then fold it back so it covers only the lower half of the bed. This technique creates depth and dimension in your bed’s design, and keeps you cozy when temperatures dip.
Throw In Some Added Luxury
For an extra lush, welcoming touch, drape a throw blanket or bed scarf over the lower third of your finished bed. Besides adding another layer of warmth when you need it, it offers another easy-to-change decorative element whenever you want it.
Layer 3: Add Pillows Based On Bed Size
For king-size beds, prop three Euro pillows against the headboard, then add two king pillows. Cover them with decorative shams that match or complement your bed coverings. Then, add your two standard pillows in cases that match your sheets. If you like, stash your standard pillows behind the Euros or kings. Smaller beds need fewer pillows. But all beds should get a finishing touch with accent pillows. Play with different shapes, sizes and textures. And now you have it—a luxury designer bed that feels as heavenly as it looks. Ahhhh!

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