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The King of Romance

“People say the living room or the kitchen is the heart of a house, but it’s really the bedroom,” says famed New York City designer Mario Buatta. That explains his scaled-up, the-more-layers-the-merrier approach to decorating these most intimate of spaces. Buatta’s bedrooms not only focus on beautiful patterns and textures, but also make liberal use of reflective surfaces and metallics, cushy headboards, and unabashedly feminine touches. They’re spaces that seem tailor-made for women, but that men can’t wait to curl up in.


We love Buatta’s soft, sensual take on colors and textiles, and think his cozy, intimate seating areas, warmed up with plump pillows and plush throws, are the perfect place to while away a Sunday morning. And while canopies are an acquired taste for some people, we like the way they add depth to Buatta’s rooms and offer yet another avenue for luxe textiles and romantic details like carvings, trims, and embroidery.


Take a look at these Buatta bedrooms featured on Architectural Digest and tell us which details you like most.

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Diane May 16, 2012 at 2:32 pm

I’ve always been a sucker for Mario Buatta’s bedrooms! I’ve kept a tear sheet from one on my bulletin board that must be at least 20 years old. I still want a bedroom just like it.


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