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The Artful Lodger: How to Display Favorite Collections

You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t collect something, and with good reason: collections satisfy our urge to express ourselves through objects we love, and bring order to what can otherwise seem, well, random or nonsensical. Assembling your salvaged typewriter keys, fabric-covered buttons, Broadway playbills, or even vintage surgical instruments and handcuffs (think we’re kidding? Google ’em) into a creatively displayed collection elevates these items from common objects to accessible art.

When creating a display, try to arrange like objects by color, scale, and proportion, and don’t be afraid to repurpose found objects. Bonus points if you can’t tell what something was originally used for; the unique interplay of unusual outlines and the “What the heck is that?” questions that inevitably follow is what makes your display interesting and original. Take a look at these inspirations, from Annie’s Fresh American Spaces, Real Simple, Country Living, Apartment Therapy, Design Fabulous, Bohemia Heart, and Inspire Bohemia.


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