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The Annie Selke Guide to Decorating a Chic Cabin with Anthony D’Argenzio

How to put your own unique spin on this rustic lifestyle fantasy.
Refurbishing an old cabin is no easy feat. So, we turned to designer Anthony D’Argenzio of Zio & Sons and This Old Hudson, who is well-versed in reimagining historic properties for the modern age for his pro tips.

Anthony began his career as a stylist and creative director and later transitioned into interiors and lifestyle design in 2015. “I was in Hudson, New York on a weekend trip and came upon a fixer-upper that I immediately knew had gorgeous, century-old bones,” he recalls. “At first, I thought it would just be a weekend project. But the more time I spent in the town, the more I knew it was home.” And so Anthony’s business, This Old Hudson, was born. Along with TOH, he runs his own creative studio (Zio & Sons) and definitely knows a thing or two about the cabin-cool lifestyle—especially considering his family’s newly renovated cabin was just featured in the New York Times. Here, we pulled together Anthony’s tips and tricks to decorating the chicest dream cabin:

Combine a Cabin’s History with Today’s Living

For Anthony’s historic family cabin, he had a lot to work with in terms of the richness of character and open layout. “I wanted to bring a sense of history and quality to this project through design solutions,” he notes. “I remapped the space and flow to honor its rustic roots, but with a pointed modern spin that pushed the boundaries of my usual ‘old-world wonder’ design approach.” Anthony also advises that the furnishings should do the same. “Don’t be afraid to mix antiques and new pieces in a setting like this—it always works out better!”

Let Your Surroundings Inspire the Palette

“A cabin design—and any design, really—should consider its sense of place,” he says. “This cabin is located in a gorgeous agricultural setting near the Hudson River at the end of a tree-lined drive, so it’s all about a natural and calming palette full of textures. Think natural wood, weathered whites, grays, and subtle pops of color throughout.”

Keep It Natural and Cozy with Rugs

“With floor coverings, you want to keep it warm and comfortable: textural thistle and cozy wool. I loved using the Bunny Williams for Annie Selke rug because it is precisely that—natural and welcoming.”

Find Balance Between Woods & Whites

“We were all about embracing the beautiful natural look of wood while still making sure the home felt fresh, luxurious, and elevated,” Anthony says. He notes that although wood speaks to a cabin’s history, white tones sprinkled throughout will help elevate and brighten a space that can feel dark. (Check out our favorite white paints here!)

Embrace the Abe Lincoln Vibes of a Cabin!

Just because you’re living in a cabin does not mean it must have logs and old-timey furniture! “There is a careful balance of honoring the history of a home and being empowered to reimagine what the space can be with some modern twists,” says Anthony. “Treat it like a canvas—have fun with the aesthetic possibilities and embrace that cabin vibe!”

Anthony’s 5 Things
Every Cabin Needs:

1. A Dutch Barn Door
2. Whitewashed log
3. Textured walls
4. Top-quality bedding — anything Annie Selke!
5. Cozy linen drapery

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