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Taking a vacation with my girl . . .

So we all need a break every now and then.  This week the house renovation had to take a backseat as my daughter, Charlotte, and I headed out west, first for her orientation at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and then to Shell, Wyoming (population 83?!) for a week of riding the range and engaging with nature. A real treat to spend so much time with my girl after her year working at a The White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona as a wrangler.

Airport in Cody, Wyoming.

We stayed at The Hideout, which is in a beautiful setting and where we ate too much amazing food. Note: I am just now realizing in photos that my hat is looking a little wonky!

That’s me with wrangler Lizzie’s Red Dog, who followed us on foot (we were on horseback) the whole way up the Devil’s Leap trail!

We did some cattle work, moving a herd of more than 150 cows to a fresh, greener pasture.  They are moved every three days!

Stunning scenery abounds.

That’s Charlotte on Coco.

I have always wanted to try fly fishing, so when it was offered, I jumped at the chance. We had  an amazing guide, Rick Davis, from the Humble Fly in Cody, Wyoming.  He is a fishing savant and opened up a whole new wet and wonderful world for me.

This is where we had to get fishing license. Of note, they ask for your license, social, height, weight (!!!), and eye color, all to attempt to catch and release fish!

Day one, fish one.

Day one, fish two.

Day one, fish three. There was a fish four, but I will spare you the redundant photo.

Day two—working the hole . . .

Day two, fish one.  There were more, all brown trout and one rainbow. I cannot wait to fly fish again. It was a lovely, serene, nature-infused way to spend a day.


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Dorothy July 12, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Jealous of you-what a wonderful sounding trip, and all the better for time spent with your daughter. I’m so impressed by her work as a wrangler. I have a book written by someone who left his job to work on a ranch for a year, and what he had to do was unbelievable! Charlotee must be an amazing young woman.

Betsy July 13, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Love the meadow with Lupine.


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