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Summertime, and the Outdoor Livin’ is Easy

Annie Selke's Palm Springs Collection | Fresh American Style

Something magical happens to your home in summer: it instantly grows more square footage. That patio, porch or poolside area suddenly becomes the most desirable living—and snoozing, and dreaming, and dining—space in your home. As Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote about living outside in California, it was like inhabiting “a corner of the blue hall of heaven.” Here are some inspirations for creating your own al fresco corner of heaven.


Furniture made to have fun. You can be as comfortable outside as in, with lounge chairs that ably live up to their name and as many tables as you need—dining, coffee, side.

Create different zones using different furniture selections—some for gathering, some for solo reading and chilling.

Annie Selke's Indoor/Outdoor Products | Fresh American Style

What helps: our Sunbrella materials that are fade resistant…fabrics whose weather resistance makes them nearly kid-proof, too…sturdy wooden frames that weather it all, from birch plywood to shipworthy teak. Just for fun: add a bar cart to the mix. Also ideal for ice cream parties.


Indoor/outdoor rugs that define and deflect. Use them to define different outdoor spaces. Then have some to make that all-important transition from outside to in.

Try these wet-deflecting rugs in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room as well—any place where you need forgiveness under foot.

Annie Selke's Indoor/Outdoor Products | Fresh American Style

Be a quick-change artist: use a new indoor/outdoor rug for your central outdoor living space every year to freshen your outdoor décor. It will open up new color opportunities in a heartbeat.


Pop go the pillows! Nothing recharges a space as quickly and as charmingly as a bunch of just-picked, fresh pillows. Many of our outdoor pillows are so carefree, all they require is a spot clean.

Palm Springs California | Fresh American Style

Go a little wild with all the fun designs and intense color combos. After all, just about every one of those colors is also in nature.

Annie Selke's Indoor/Outdoor Products | Fresh American Style

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jillian May 24, 2017 at 3:52 pm

I love all of the bright outdoor pillows!


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