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Why We (Still) Love Zigzags and Chevrons

Every few months or so, it seems like some fashion or decorating authority declares one trend dead—mort, muerto, tot!—and another on the rise. Since we’re always less concerned with whether something is trendy as opposed to whether it actually looks good, we usually take these prognostications with a grain of salt. But when some of those experts started picking on the chevron and its sister, the zigzag, we just had to jump into the fray.

To us, zigzags and chevrons can hardly be considered a trend—after all, they’ve been around since ancient history, even appearing on pottery and rock carvings all the way back to 1800 B.C. They’ve been used on family crests for ages, and still appear as insignia on military and police uniforms in a variety of countries. Year after year, we find them all over the design world, from haute couture in Missoni’s iconic pattern to budget-friendly lamps and storage bins from the likes of Target.

So what it is about the chevron’s inverted V pattern or the zigzag’s jagged path between parallel lines that we love so much? Both patterns have a jagged beauty that makes them visually bold yet not overpowering (when used in moderation—like all good things, of course). The regularity of the chevron or zigzag means that they blend more readily into a variety of décor styles than more free-form or abstract patterns, and they’re a terrific backdrop for popping different colors. Finally, the chevron and zigzag are available on so many different home décor products that it’s easy to find just the right color, weight, and intensity for your favorite rooms.

Here’s our spring take on the zigzag and chevron. What’s your top pick in these patterns for the upcoming season?

Fuchsia Chevron rug Chevron multi rug chevron scarf chevron light blue chevron kaftan chevron napkin chevron pillow

  1. Dash & Albert Zigzag Multi micro-hooked rug
  2. Fresh American Chevron Fuchsia indoor/outdoor pillow
  3. Pine Cone Hill Chevron Platinum napkin
  4. Pine Cone Hill Ikat Daffodil scarf
  5. Pine Cone Hill Ikat Raspberry kaftan
  6. Dash & Albert Chevron Fuchsia rug
  7. Dash & Albert Chevron Light Blue rug
  8. Fresh American Fieldstone/Fuchsia Le Tote bag
  9. Fresh American Fieldstone/White Le Tote bag
  10. Pine Cone Hill Chevron Daffodil napkin


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