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Steal This Look: Boho Bedroom on Grace & Frankie

The release of a new Netflix series is a cause for a celebration here in Fresh American HQ. The media creator has been knocking it out of the park with much of its original programming, from House of Cards to Orange Is the New Black and our latest go-to mood lifter, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and we spare no coffee or lunch break to talk about them. What’s not to love about a TV series packed with pins-and-needles stories and compelling characters—and some enviable wardrobes and interior styling? The latest Netflix series to give us interior envy is Grace & Frankie, a look at what happens when two older, but not necessarily wiser, women find themselves starting over again.

Grace and Frankie living room Aquinnah throw

Grace and Frankie living room Brindle Stripe rug

Grace & Frankie stars two living legends of comedy, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. While Dolly Parton isn’t on hand to make it a full-on 9 to 5 reunion (hey, Netflix: we have your next miniseries idea!), these two work the funny better than most starlets half their age on network sitcoms. The duo plays 70-something women who, just when they think they have their comfy, cushy lives figured out, discover that their husbands (Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen) are in love with each other. Forget the woman-crying-into-a-pint-of-ice-cream clichés; in this tart-tongued show, Frankie attempts to drown her sorrows in a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s laced with Jameson, while Grace tries (and fails, hilariously) to relearn the art of seduction, jiggling arm flaps and all.

Grace and Frankie bedroom Varkala Marina coral quilt

Grace and Frankie bedroom Varkala Marina coral quilt 2

Grace and Frankie bedroom lamp clock

It turns out that set dresser Penelope Franco Gilmore is a huge fan of all things décor, and has even sprinkled a bit of Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert products around the show’s many living spaces. Today we’re crushing on Frankie’s bedroom, a laid-back, vintage-meets-modern room that loves a burst of bright color (the coral bedding! The retro mint green clock!) and a variety of eye-catching, sculptural shapes. Here’s how to get the look at home:


1. Marina Coral shams

2. LL Bean Moonbeam alarm clock

3. Beatrice woven cotton rug

4. Ibiza Coral throw

5. Classic Hemstitch White sheets

6. Camden Untufted Headboard

7. Varkala Coral quilt and shams

8. Isis Table Lamp with Drum Shade

9. Nimbus White matelassé coverlet

10. Butler Petite Console Table



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