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Soft & Sophisticated Paint Colors

Clare Paints founder Nicole Gibbons shares her go-to shades.

In our monthly Go-To Paints column we ask designers to share the tried and true paint colors they rely on to create love-forever rooms. 

In this installment, we went straight to the source and talked to Nicole Gibbons, the founder of Clare, a direct-to-consumer paint brand. An interior designer-turned-paint-entrepreneur, Gibbons founded her company because she was frustrated with how difficult it was to shop for paint. While developing the line, she tested more than 500 colors to come up with a line of 55 truly foolproof shades.

When choosing a color, and in particular when selecting soft, calming colors like the ones below, Gibbons says you want to pay attention to color temperature. “If light in the room is from the west, you get that golden temp in the afternoon. Think about the undertones of your paint and make sure that jives well with the light in your space.” She also firmly believes that you must test samples in your home, “It’s the only way to really see the color,” she says. (Clare’s signature peel-and-stick color swatches make it easy to test drive colors).

“A blue-green, Headspace is soft, tranquil, airy, and fresh—a calming color. We called it ‘Headspace’ because it has that effect of clearing your mind with its fresh open feel. This color is universally appealing: it can work in any room from a baby nursery to a dining room, but it’s especially nice in a bedroom or bathroom that you want to feel serene.”

“Beigeing is a really versatile hue with just a hint of subtle red undertones. It’s a beige with a modern feel. People love neutrals because they are versatile and timeless.”

“Wing It is the quintessential blush pink: it’s soft and feminine in a classic way that works in a little girl space, but is sophisticated enough for adults. It’s beautiful wherever you use it: Paired with black it’s modern and edgy but paired with white and pastels, it’s youthful. It’s so easy on the eye, it’s almost like a neutral and very approachable.”

“No Filter is the perfect neutral: It pairs well with any other color. It has the feeling of sand near the beach with a very subtle warm undertone to it. It’s more muted than Beigeing.”

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Debra Lee August 19, 2020 at 5:04 pm

Wing it is amazing!

Chris Goulet August 29, 2020 at 10:42 am

Is it possible to get sample cards so that I can see all of the colors and look at them in my home as I do at a retail paint store?


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