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Seeing Red: Winter Decorating with Cranberry & Crimson

Who doesn’t love a splash of vibrant red for the holidays? Energetic, passionate, and auspicious, red is a color that brings an interior design to instant life and makes the room feel just a little more special. But if you’re tired of the same-old Christmasy combo of candy-cane red with green or with white, Annie’s got the answer to your holiday color-palette prayers: this daring cranberry- and crimson-based decorating palette.

We love this that this color palette creates a modern fusion between cranberry (a saturated berry red with a black undertone), crimson (a deep reddish-blue), grounding chocolate and stone hues, and unexpected pops of teal and lagoon blue. To get this look at home, we’re starting with Farrow & Ball  Slipper Satin or London Clay on the walls, with the alternate hue on the trim (bonus: both shades are ideal for year-round decorating). The rich brown tones are easily picked up in wood furniture, like coffee tables and accent tables; in upholstered armchairs (think textural fabrics—velvet, linen, and even microfiber); and in warm brass, bronze, or amber-toned pendant and floor lamps.

Since red tones have a gorgeously opulent feel on bedding and upholstery, we’re layering on the textiles in both cranberry and crimson, and mixing prints to break up the solids and bring in hints of other hues. Toss in a few decorative pillows, throws, and objects like vases and bowls in teal and lagoon, and your winter color palette is all wrapped up. Bow optional.

Blog composite

  1. Farrow & Ball Paint in Slipper Satin
  2. Herringbone Claret matelasse & shams
  3. Chalet Stripe decorative pillow
  4. Windsor Crimson Fringed Fleece throw
  5. West Elm Elton chair
  6. Classic Hemstitch Platinum sheet set
  7. Cross-Stitch Slate quilt
  8. Farrow & Ball Paint in London Clay
  9. Jacks Crimson Shirt Tail pajama
  10. Pottery Barn Gillian Candlestick Bedside lamp
  11. Chalet Stripe Wool Woven rug
  12. Candlewick Crimson decorative pillow
  13. Farrow & Ball in Stone Blue
  14. Farrow & Ball in Rectory Red
  15. Velvet Diamond Java quilt
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