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Samode Bagh—British Colonial Fabulousness

So after our animal-intensive journey, we arrived at the Bagh. Let me start by saying that the word bagh, Hindi for “garden,”  does not do this place justice. Nor do my pictures do this magnificent place justice!


We entered through a beautiful wooden gate and were greeted by this lovely flowering tree that is so prolific, it has spread over an adjoining post and onto an arbor that rims this portion of the property.

Then we saw the tented cabanas.  This was a be-still-my-heart moment!

I love the simple furnishings and fabulous tented ceiling. Each house has a pair of wooden deck chairs and table  outside so you can sit and take in the  gorgeous grounds from the privacy of your own room.

Walking the grounds you find a variety of tented attractions—a pool table, seating areas,  a Ping-Pong table, octagonal bar. . . .

Little siesta huts . . .

Then you walk up a lovely flight of stairs that brings you to what I would call an open-air British Colonial clubhouse.

The mahogany and rattan furniture is a hallmark of British Colonial style. And the Mughal arches provide the perfect backdrop.  I am crazy about this room.

Stepping off the magnificent hallway, you find the sumptuously decorative pool.

And as all pools worth their salt should have, a beautifully framed, fully stocked bar . . .

And a bevy of chaise longues on which to lounge while drinking whatever you fancied at the bar.

Behind these fretwork-filled archways (note: the pattern on each is different) you find a formal, parklike garden.

I wish I had taken more photos, but you will have to take my word for it. It was really, really pretty, plus there were two or three badminton courts, multiple pools with lily pads, and some wonderful plantings. And there were little loggias around for lounging, and more of the siesta huts.

While not the best image, you can see the backside of clubhouse.  Those arches are what form the hallway shown above.  The fretwork arches that surround the pool are to the left.

We only got to stay here for an hour or so!  Bummer! I could easily have parked it here for a week. I would bring about ten great books, a backgammon set, and some sunblock and never ask if they have Wi-Fi!!!! A true escape. I plan to go back as soon as I can.


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designchic March 22, 2013 at 12:21 am

It’s so beautiful – I love the tented ceilings in the bedrooms and the pool…heavenly!

Mary March 23, 2013 at 7:54 am

Vividly beautiful, and such a very strong sense of place. Magical.


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